Preclassic period

The most ancient civilizations that existed on the territory of Greece were the Minoan and Mycenaean (Achaean). Already at the turn of the third and second millennia BC, the first cities appear on the island of Crete, a new civilization is emerging, named after the famous king Minos of Minoan. Archaeological excavations have shown that […]

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Culture of the Middle Ages

You can differently relate to the culture of the Middle Ages, some believe that in the Middle Ages there was a kind of cultural stagnation, in any case they cannot be thrown out of the history of culture. Even in difficult times, talented people always lived, who, despite everything, continued to create. It is impossible […]

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The Age of Enlightenment

The impetus for the transition to the Age of Enlightenment in all countries is the rejection of the feudal way of life, the transition to a more democratic system. What is its democratic character? First, the culture of the Enlightenment is not intended for a particular layer of society, not for its rich tops, but […]

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The culture of modern times

XX century. – the newest time in culture. For the XX century. it is characterized by constant progress, it has been outlined in all areas of life. Another characteristic of the XX century. indicator – a constant desire to unite, internationalization. If earlier the culture had more clear and certain national borders, expressed in cultural […]

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Culture of the Bronze Age

Since the Bronze Age, vivid images of animals almost disappear. Everywhere there are dry geometric patterns. For example, the profiles of mountain goats carved on the cliffs of the mountains of Azerbaijan, Dagestan, Central and Central Asia. People spend less effort on creating petroglyphs, hastily scratching small figures on the stone. And although here and […]

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Culture of primitive peoples

Originality is the childhood of all mankind. It is on the primitive epoch that most of the history of mankind falls. Despite this, our knowledge of these far-off times is very scarce. One of the most striking events of that time was the transition of man from the stage of the skillful (Homo habilis) to […]

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