The Neolithic revolution

About 10 thousand years ago began warming and the glacier began to retreat, which again forced people to adapt to changing conditions. About 7 thousand years BC there was another great change in the life of humankind. In some regions of the globe arose the first centers of agriculture and cattle breeding. People made the […]

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Steps to Writing a Thesis Statement

What is a Thesis Intended for? A thesis is a thing reflected in the form of sentence, which is in charge of the main idea of a writing project and assists in managing ideas and thoughts within the written task. Such statement may not be considered as a topic. Usually, it depicts a personal viewpoint […]

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Primitive culture

The first and the longest stage in the development of culture. It is correlated with the appearance of modern man and human society. The time frame of this period in the development of culture associated with the historical periods: ancient period of human history and culture is the Paleolithic era (800-13 thousand years BC), Mesolithic […]

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