Antique culture

Here you will find articles about the civilization of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome in all its historical forms manifold.

Preclassic period

The most ancient civilizations that existed on the territory of Greece were the Minoan and Mycenaean (Achaean). Already at the turn of the third and second millennia BC, the first cities appear on the island of Crete, a new civilization is emerging, named after the famous king Minos of Minoan. Archaeological excavations have shown that […]

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Ancient Greece as The World Cultural Center

Historic Greece’s world has been profoundly important on earth background that is following. Technology, politics viewpoint, the vocabulary, and also the disciplines of the historic Greeks were in installing the fundamentals of Western world essential. Through the Kingdom, Traditional tradition that was significantly found Europe. The Kingdom learned Traditional tradition without intermediation, in the Hellenistic […]

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Mathematics and Science in Ancient Greece

For that Greeks, executive was indistinguishable from concept (truly, executive was named “organic viewpoint” within the Northwest right round the 18th-century). Thales of Miletus is generally seen as the first Traditional mathematician that was substantial, and he’s acknowledged with producing the methods of testing and decrease declaration, that are nevertheless utilized nowadays. Thales’ rivals, his […]

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Philosophy of Ancient Greece

The first college of Traditional philosophers were these of the Ionian custom (7th-fifth centuries BC). In what’s nowadays American Poultry Ionia was, which is attractive to determine the impact of the Middle-East that is historic on the function. A lot of these concerned quasi-spiritual speculations concerning the roots and framework of the world: but this […]

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Culture of Ancient Greece

Whilst the Greeks were rising following the drop from their Dim Ages of Mycenae (d. 1200-750 BC), once they created their best poet, Homer. Most contemporary students genuinely believe that the two epic verses, the Iliad and also the Journey of Homer, were constructed around BC. Before being written it had been probably initial constructed […]

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Religion in Ancient Greece

The Greeks worshipped a pantheon of actresses and gods, headed from the gods’ key, Zeus. Additional gods incorporated Hera, Zeuxis spouse; Athena, goddess of knowledge and understanding; Apollo, lord of audio and tradition; Aphrodite, goddess of enjoy; Dionysus, lord of wine; Hades, lord of the underworld; and Diana, goddess of the search. Small importance was […]

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Government and Politics in Ancient Greece

The British term “politics” originates from the Traditional term for city state, “polis”. For that Greeks, the town-condition was basically a residential area of people producing choices together about issues of problem that is public. For this reason the Greeks never knew the city’s title – “Athens” – but usually to its people – “the […]

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