Antique culture

Here you will find articles about the civilization of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome in all its historical forms manifold.

The Ancient Greeks, and the Romans

The culture of Ancient Rome (III century BC – V century AD) was largely based on the Greek. Both cultures were formed on the basis of the ancient civil society and its basic values. Service to the community was a duty and a blessing both of the Hellenes and of the Romans. Both the Greeks […]

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Functions of City-states

The City-states carried out economic, military and political functions. For a polis world outlook, the idea of a special connection between the city and the gods was characteristic. The policy, as well as the family community, was under the auspices of God, and accordingly the citizen was under the auspices of God, that is, the […]

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Worldview of the Ancient Greeks

The desire of the ancient Greeks for the ideal, perfection, harmony, characteristic of their worldview, very strongly influenced all aspects of culture, including the artistic one. Whatever hand of the ancient Greek master, be it an amphora, a table or some other object of everyday life, did not touch – everything became an art object, […]

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Ancient type of culture

Why Ancient Greece is considered the cradle of European civilization? The answer is simple: because almost all the achievements of this civilization can be reduced to the ideas and images of ancient Greek culture. And the history of European culture is not a continuous thread, there were cliffs, but again and again this thread was […]

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The Rome Republic

The authority in Republican Rome is vested in: the Senate, magistrates and people’s congresses. Senate meetings were appointed by the highest magistrates and plebian tribunes (state officials). Before the IV-III centuries. BC. E. This body approved the results of the election of officials and laws passed by the people’s assemblies. After the III century. BC. […]

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