The Middle Ages

Here you will find a lot about the world history period following the antiquity and prior the renaissance.

Feudal social order

The social system, which was established in Western Europe in the Middle Ages, historians called feudal. The feud, from which the words “feudalism”, “feudal lord”, “feudal” were formed, is the name of the landholding granted to the lord (the “senior”) by his lord, the subordinate, the person committing himself for the possession of the feudal […]

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Culture of Medieval Europe

Medieval culture of Western Europe – the era of great spiritual and socio-cultural gains in the history of all mankind. The Middle Ages in time span from the V to the XVII century. The term “Middle Ages” was fixed during this period due to the fact that it occupies an intermediate place between Antiquity and […]

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Culture of Ancient and Medieval India

The most striking features of the ancient Indian culture may include: extreme conservatism (for thousands of years were built the same house, were laid the same street, there is the same written language, etc…); extreme religiosity, the idea of reincarnation, t. e. post-mortem reincarnation. Severe climatic conditions: stifling heat, alternating rainy seasons, a riot of […]

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The English Museum’s first hit exhibit within their fresh temporary exhibit gallery obtained lots of promotion, mainly concerning the appearance of the greatest Viking long ship actually found or at-least, the 20% of its wooden-frame that endures, along with a renovation of the remainder from Denmark. A gallery that is brand new, a long ship […]

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