Modern times culture

About the period of the emergence of a new civilization, a new system of relations and expansion of European civilization into other cultures

The culture of modern times

XX century. – the newest time in culture. For the XX century. it is characterized by constant progress, it has been outlined in all areas of life. Another characteristic of the XX century. indicator – a constant desire to unite, internationalization. If earlier the culture had more clear and certain national borders, expressed in cultural […]

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Composing Reports

One can say that the writing structure has no strict rules. Nevertheless, you can find general areas, which have to be added here. Information mentioned below reveals several guidelines concerning writing student reports. The primary sections of the format related to standard report writing: Title. In case the report is a brief one, the title […]

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Art Culture of Modern Times

Radical renewal of experience and life values in the modern era inevitably gave birth to new trends in the field of artistic creativity. A new conception of the meaning of artistic activity and new criteria for the beautiful is formed, the ways of artistic creativity, the aesthetic and artistic tastes of people are updated. As […]

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The most vivid in Europe of the New Time, classicism manifested itself in absolutist France. There appeared not only great classic playwrights. The architecture with its classical, clear, rationally adjusted, “correct” harmony blossomed extremely powerful. Even the nature surrounding man, the French classicists processed, formalized in accordance with the rules, forming a reasonable-artificial environment. The […]

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Romanticism is not only a special direction in art or philosophy, which most clearly manifested itself in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, but also a special model of behavior embodied in the figure of a romantic hero. A romantic hero is a person who does not believe in the elimination of a person’s […]

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European Culture of Modern Times

The era of the Renaissance and the Reformation marked the crisis of Middle Ages culture and paved the way for a cultural change in Western Europe. The change in the type of culture is fixed by a new picture of the world. It was formed on the basis of the scientific revolution of the 17th […]

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This is all about Successful Coursework Writing

Being successful with composing the coursework project can have a lot of personal components to compare and review. Every single student has his/her own method of completing particular tasks and even how he/she goes about writing procedure. Some students feel that they possess good writing skills, although others understand they need a course work help […]

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Steps to Writing a Thesis Statement

What is a Thesis Intended for? A thesis is a thing reflected in the form of sentence, which is in charge of the main idea of a writing project and assists in managing ideas and thoughts within the written task. Such statement may not be considered as a topic. Usually, it depicts a personal viewpoint […]

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