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What should a government do for a country to become successful?

Introduction The success of any given country often depends on the efforts of the government. There are several ways that a government can ensure a country progress and becomes successful including offering opportunities to investors through tax reduction. In addition, a government can provide opportunities such as grants for the people to invest, formulate policies […]

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Do the benefits of study abroad justify the difficulties?

The benefits of study abroad indeed justify any potential difficulties: an opportunity to study a new culture and language, make new friends, and explore sights unseen is an irreplaceable experience. Before studying abroad, a typical student’s experience of her chosen foreign language is limited to the classroom, creating a sort of artificiality to the language; […]

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The Role of Adult Behavior in Child Development

There are different stages that human beings go through as they grow from toddlers to adults. Such include the recognition of images and voices. There is also the stage of self-discovery and generation of own ideas. Of all the stages, the early adulthood stage is the most defining in one’s life. It is during this […]

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Schools Preparing Students for the 21st Century

For the past several decades, teaching methods for preparing students have been revolutionized along with changes in technology and teaching ideology, explaining diverse teaching methods in various schools. Since the beginning of grade or grammar school, students had been sent through several channels of reading and writing. But abstract adeptness such as teamwork, critical thinking, […]

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Foreign language instruction should begin in kindergarten

In the current world, it is very necessary for young children to start experiencing foreign language instructions as early as kindergarten. If foreign language instructions are taught to children as early as this, it creates a high probability of the young children gaining best negative outcomes (Nikolov, 2009). Therefore, I agree that foreign language instructions […]

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Relevance of Greek Mythology Today

Greek mythology is a body composed of teachings and myths of ancients Greeks about their gods, nature of the world and heroes. The subject that belongs to Greek mythology is still at a greater extent taught today. Not just during literature lessons that are done in schools but also form part of history teachings curriculum. […]

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Should there be Limits on Car ownership in Developing Countries?

Although cars have revolutionized our mobility and world operations, however, their environmental harms are plenty. The developing countries are already low on their environment protection level. Therefore, the situation gets exacerbated there with an increasing use of cars. This paper questions and analyzes whether there should be limits on car ownership in developing countries? It […]

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Impact of Media on Society

Introduction Media has unceasingly encompassed and defined society and has progressed with technology. The old-style forms of media propaganda encompassing newspaper, television, mail, and posters remain as effectual as before the initiation of modern methods. Web sites, email, online social media, and e-zines have replaced costly media production like photographic paper and magazines (Pinker, 2010). […]

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Can Retirement at 65 to be Compulsory?

We cannot say there is a permanent retirement age for employees considering their talents, effectiveness and the quality results they deliver. The 65 years retirement age limit is a regulation in the employment contract set by nations and companies forcing people to stop working. However, there are calls to retire compulsorily considering many unemployed people […]

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