April 10, 2017

Foreign language instruction should begin in kindergarten

In the current world, it is very necessary for young children to start experiencing foreign language instructions as early as kindergarten. If foreign language instructions are taught to children as early as this, it creates a high probability of the young children gaining best negative outcomes (Nikolov, 2009). Therefore, I agree that foreign language instructions ought to begin in kindergarten. The following reasons expand on why children in kindergarten ought to start practicing foreign language instructions (Kumon, 2011).

Broadening professionalism- Studying foreign language instructions at an early stage as kindergarten helps in expanding a child’s horizon in terms of profession. With increase in globalization in the current world, there is a high demand of multilingual as well as bilingual individuals in the society today (Nikolov, 2009).

Intellectual prospect- At a young age, learning foreign language instructions enables the child’s brain to easily learn the language. This is because the young brain has limitless capacity and hence will have a greater ability to understand the language without confusion (Nelly, 2014). Through processes of writing, listening, reading and speaking foreign language, the young child will experience development of his/her brain through coding and decoding processes (Nikolov, 2009).

Social interaction- Social networks are very important especially in the modern world. If children learn foreign language in kindergarten, they enter a broader cultural world and in turn they develop greater cross-cultural knowledge. This will enable children make friends, sympathize and identify others who speak the additional language (Nikolov, 2009).

In conclusion, we can agree therefore that there is more importance in starting foreign language instructions at an early stage for the better of the child’s future.

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