April 13, 2017

Schools Preparing Students for the 21st Century

For the past several decades, teaching methods for preparing students have been revolutionized along with changes in technology and teaching ideology, explaining diverse teaching methods in various schools. Since the beginning of grade or grammar school, students had been sent through several channels of reading and writing. But abstract adeptness such as teamwork, critical thinking, and practical applications do challenge students frequently. In the subsequent sections, a few recommendations entailing abstract adeptness are listed to provide more insight on how to prepare students for 21st century challenges.

An ancient teaching etiquette that has not been openly emphasized for several years is examining students’ senses of learning approaches. Diverse students have preferable learning approaches by visual or audio sensory perception that may enhance critical thinking. Understanding these perceptions are critical when applying real world practices (Beers, 2013). Deriving the senses that students are accustomed to is a learning path they shall acquire at a younger age especially during the students’ formative years.

Teamwork and interpersonal communication may enhance students working with other personnel in projects that call for team membership. When students journey into the real world, they shall be prepared to work with personnel in firm in which they land employment and where firms help students associate what they learned in school to apply newly found knowledge in the physical world (Walker, 2012). Students will be able to recognize challenges and deal with them especially when working for larger companies where teamwork and communication is essential.

For diversity on working on real world projects, intrapersonal skills such as resiliency and contentiousness skills are encouraging when students are faced with challenges on their own when least expected (Nicols, 2013). Intrapersonal skills prepare students for challenges such as when projects do not manifest as planned or when student in the workforce must deal with irate clients.

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