Renaissance era

We offer the best materials on the era worldwide importance, which replaced the Middle Ages and was a predecessor of the Enlightenment

How to Make a Review Paper

The book review is thought out to be one of the most typical and generally misinterpreted task in college or university. Frequently, students just sum up the content of book. A great review of the book has to offer critical comments on the quality of book: main arguments and thesis statement, organization together with style, […]

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The Reformation movement

At the end of the fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries. In Europe came a time, similar to the decline of the Roman Empire. In this state of affairs, every Christian was simply obliged with the utmost determination to oppose the official Catholic Church, no matter what it threatened. Therefore, the struggle for overcoming the medieval […]

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Basic principles of Renaissance culture

The thesis that personal qualities and will make a person the master of fate, has become one of the cornerstones of a new worldview. It was a genuine revolution in relation to Christian traditions, and in relation to antiquity, because, according to the ancient worldview, man was a toy in the hands of an incomprehensible […]

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Culture of the Western European Renaissance

The Renaissance (or French Renaissance) is considered by researchers as a transition from the Medieval culture to the New Time, from the feudal society to the bourgeois. The pace of development of the Renaissance culture in the countries of Western Europe is different; the chronological boundaries are also approximate – from the end of the […]

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