April 26, 2017

What should a government do for a country to become successful?


The success of any given country often depends on the efforts of the government. There are several ways that a government can ensure a country progress and becomes successful including offering opportunities to investors through tax reduction. In addition, a government can provide opportunities such as grants for the people to invest, formulate policies that promote equality and freedom for the masses.

Investors, especially foreign investors are often scared of investing in countries where rules and regulations are stringent on the investors (Kettl, 2000). What a government can do is to ensure that the investors are attracted through reduction of taxes, providing them with incentives which will in turn influence them to invest in the country. Furthermore, local investors are also important and a government must recognize them by providing them with tax reliefs (McMillan, & Woodruff, 2003).

A government also can promote success in a country through the laws and policies that it formulates. It is important that a government should formulate policies that promote equality among the citizens and allows people to have access to the different resources within the country (McMillan, & Woodruff, 2003). This promotes innovation and creativity which in turn drives success of a country. In addition, the policies of the government (Kettl, 2000), should allow the masses to exercise their freedom and enjoy their rights which will in turn encourage the people to get involved in the development and growth of a country.


A government has the sole role of providing direction and influencing the success of a country. As such, this role can be fulfilled through attracting investors, providing country residents with equal opportunities to exercise their innovation and creativity. In addition, offering incentives and enacting policies and laws that promote investments are important for success of a nation.

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