April 18, 2017

The Role of Adult Behavior in Child Development

There are different stages that human beings go through as they grow from toddlers to adults. Such include the recognition of images and voices. There is also the stage of self-discovery and generation of own ideas. Of all the stages, the early adulthood stage is the most defining in one’s life. It is during this stage that much is learnt and carried to adulthood. I strongly agree that children learn best by observing the behavior of adults and copying it.

It is unquestionable that children acquire knowledge by watching the behavior of adults and copying it. When people say that adults should be good role models to their children, it means that they should significantly participate in shaping their character. The parents are the closest people when children are born and later on, there develops the interaction with teachers and other people around them. It is almost a general truth that what you see, you tend to copy.

Take for instance a father who has obsession for playing and watching football. His son will most likely be a fan of the game and will constantly be following his father to watch matches. Children learn to be hardworking from their industrious parents and they grow all their lives knowing the benefits of hard work. Observation has been proved to be one of the best ways of learning.

It is not always that children learn superior activities from the adults as the negatives chip in once in a while. Issues of smoking and drug addiction are some of the negatives learnt from the adults. The attitude and character in most cases are made up by what children learn and observe from the adults.

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