August 10, 2018

How to write an essay on social studies and get the maximum points?

How to write an essay on social studies – where to start?

Writing an essay on social studies is one of the tasks of entrance examinations to a university or college. This is a creative work that allows you to assess the current level of student knowledge: his ability to own and use terminology, express his thoughts and argue them.

In what sequence should I write an essay?

The structure of writing an essay on social studies:

  1. Thesis.

Choosing a quote for an essay, you need to be sure that you understand its meaning. Think about whether you will be able to express your own opinion on this matter, reasonably refute the statement or agree with it, justifying your position.

  1. The meaning of the quote.

Next, we should formulate our interpretation of the main idea of the utterance, which is based on personal understanding and general impression of the quotation. It should be remembered that the originality of the interpretation arises naturally in a profound analysis, the desire to understand the theme and be imbued with it.

  1. Argumentation of his position.

After the disclosure of the main idea of the statement follows the presentation of their opinion and its rationale. In this case, you can fully agree with the author, you can do it partially, or you cannot agree, but categorically refute the statement. It should be borne in mind that when writing an essay for admission it is much easier to accept the statement and find a competent justification in the form of experience and personal sensations than to refute the quote of a knowingly intelligent person. When uttering the opposite opinion than the author of the quote, it is necessary to more thoroughly confirm and argue his point of view, paying attention to details and viewing the statement from various positions.

Justification of your opinion can occur on two levels:

Theoretical. At the same time, knowledge of social science is used: concepts, opinions of scientists, etc.

Empirical. Here you can use both the experience that exists in the history of society or literature, and your own experience.

Tip 1: when using social science terms, you should be sure of their correct understanding and appropriate use, you do not need to overload the essay with terminology.

Tip 2: when choosing any historical facts or events from personal experience, one should pay attention to their credibility in confirming their own opinion, reasonableness and consistency.

  1. Conclusion

In conclusion of the essay on social studies, it is necessary to briefly formulate a conclusion summarizing all the reflections.

An example of an essay plan on social studies

  1. Introduction.

The essence of this statement from the standpoint of social science is….

The choice of the topic is explained… The topic is undoubtedly relevant…

  1. The main part.

In my opinion, the author of the statement… I agree with the opinion… This can be refuted…

Here are other opinions on the stated problem, terms and concepts from the social sciences, their own experience.

  1. Conclusion: conclusion and generalization.

Thus, the above examples confirm…

Writing tips

The most important thing is to train regularly in writing essays, handing them over to the teacher for testing, and paying attention to the development of his remarks.

Observe the logical sequence of presentation, do not jump from one example to another.

Do not write all the essays on the draft: sketch out only the plan and the main ideas.

Give an example for each theoretical postulate.

Learn to adequately and objectively evaluate both your own and others’ essays.

Read the criteria for assessing the essay on social studies and pay attention to each point in the writing process.

Do not get confused in terms and concepts of social science.

Practice revealing the meaning of the statement on any aphorisms.

Watch the news, memorize the examples from the lessons that you can use as evidence of your position.

Criteria for evaluating the essay at the entrance examinations in 2018

Essays, as a creative composition, from other ways of controlling knowledge are distinguished by the ability to diagnose the ability of students to analyze information, intelligently interpret it, build reasoning and argue in the form of correctly selected facts, formulate their own opinion and defend their position.

Thus, for effective preparation for an essay on social studies, you should train in writing them as often as possible, following the above-listed advice and adhering to the required structure. However, this isn’t the only way to “fill your hand” and go to the exam with confidence. Alternatively, you may buy the ready written unique papers at essay writing service and free some time for yourself.

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